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Our school is located in the east of Morioka City. Iwate Prefecture, surrounded by rich greenery in the bosom of nature.

The school has a long history; founded in 1911 and firstly named 'Iwate Private School for the Dumb and Blind', it was then renamed 'Iwate Prefectural School for the Deaf' based on the 1948 enforcement of the compulsory education reform, which involved the educational separation of the deaf and the dunb. In 1961, after its branch school of lchinoseki City was separated. the school was given the present name of 'Iwate Prefectural Morioka School for the Deaf'.

We have provided the students with varied extracurricular activities such as 'friendship meetings' with non-handicapped students and citizens. In the previous two years. at the national ensemble contest for the deaf schools, we were awarded the top prize (called Mombu-daijin Shorei-sho) by the Ministry of Education, and also at the national Track and field meet for deaf students our boys' team have won the championship once.

(1) SCHOOL NAME: Iwate Prefectural Morioka School for the Deaf
(2) ADDRESS 4-78-2 Otobe, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, 020-04, Japan
  • Take a bus at JR Morioka Station to Morioka Bus Terminal.Change to Hizume-via-Nagaoka bus line. Get off at Otobe-zakai bus stop. (Approx. 5O minutes in total.)
  • Take a taxi at JR Yahaba Station directly to the school. (Approx. 7 minutes.)
  • TEL
    • (School) 019-696-2582
    • (School) 019-696-2583
    • (Dormitory)019-696-5952

  • FAX
    • (School) 019-696-2582
    • (Dormitory) 019-696-2386
The founder (Shibanai Kaizo)
A stone monument (School precepts)
A view of the school gate (Spring)
A view of the school gate (Summer)